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"Serving the Western Mountains of Maine Since 1968 or Thereabouts"


Heidi A. Murphy, Publisher/Owner: publisher@theirregular.com
(207) 265-2773 FAX: (207) 265-2775

General email: info@theirregular.com

Offices located on 239 Main Street, in downtown Kingfield, ME, along the Carrabassett River.

Mailing Address: PO Box 616, Kingfield, ME 04947.

MasterCard/Visa and American Express Accepted.

The Weekly Newspaper "Serving the Western Mountains of Maine...Where the Kids Grow Straight and Tall and the Women are All Good Looking."

The Original Irregular is a local weekly newspaper that covers the Northern Franklin County region in the Western Mountains of Maine. It serves the residential and recreational communities including Kingfield, Sugarloaf, Saddleback, Stratton/Eustis and Rangeley Lakes regions and Strong and Phillips.

Our circulation is 3,600 and close to one-third of our subscribers are folks “from away” who own hunting, fishing or skiing camps, or who just have a special place in their hearts for the area. We’ve even had some people buy a subscription because they liked the name of the paper!

Where did the name “The Irregular" come from? … Back in 1968 “or thereabouts,” when the mountains were still tall, but the paper small, The Irregular came out “irregularly,” or when the publisher and editor had collected enough ads (or meals and beverages in trade) to cover production costs. The paper finally became weekly year-round in 1986. The Irregular has always had a “funky” edge to it and we strive to maintain a bit of that sense of humor.

The Irregular also produces several seasonal publications including the annual winter publication WHITEOUT!, The Rangeley Lakes Area Summertime Guide, The Maine Mountain Summer guide, Maine Mountain Fall guide, Maine Mountain Snowmobiling, and other supplements including the annual Kingfield Days and In Our BackYard Issues. We also have a mobile app "Explore Western ME" which is free to download from iTunes and Google Play.

Our seasonal guides and app reach locals as well as the visitors who come here to hike, camp, ski, mountain bike, fish, hunt… you name it. We have been publishing most of our guides for more than 20 years and they have become the standard publications that people turn to whether they want to know some history about the area, when special events take place, or where the best hiking or skiing trails are.

The Irregular is a member of the Maine Press Association, the Rangeley Lakes Region Chamber of Commerce, the Flagstaff Area Business Association, Maine's High Peaks, The Franklin County Chamber of Commerce, and the Maine Tourism Association.

The subscription rate for our print edition is $25 per year. Foreign and First Class print subscriptions are $65 per year. An online subscription is $25 per year. There is a 5.5% sales tax on all newspapers delivered & purchased in Maine - including online subscriptions. We require prepayment for subscriptions and accept Visa, MasterCard, American Express, checks or cash for payment. Subscriptions may be purchased calling (207) 265-2773 or you can subscribe via our website: https://irregular.our-hometown.com/subscribe?publisherid=Irregular.

To submit press releases, community news & events, letters & commentaries, obituaries, photos and other items of local interest: e-mail: editor@theirregular.com

For advertising in any of our publications, please give us a call, (207) 265-2773 Monday through Friday. Or e-mail: advertising@theirregular.com. Visa, MasterCard and American Express accepted!

To place a classified ad, please give us a call, (207) 265-2773 Monday through Friday; E-mail: classifieds@theirregular.com or go to our website: https://irregular.our-hometown.com/classifiedorder?publisher=Irregular Visa, MasterCard and American Express accepted!

Please call or stop by our office on Main Street in pretty downtown Kingfield when you are in the area. We are located on 239 Main Street along the banks of the Carrabassett River.

Our staff includes:

Heidi Murphy: Publisher/Owner, Design, Circulation; publisher@theirregular.com

Robert J. Gray: Editor, Classifieds, Subscriptions; editor@theirregular.com

Dee Menear: Writer/Photographer; reporter@theirregular.com

Sarah Cook: Advertising Sales - The Irregular newpaper; advertising@theirregular.com

Leslie J Norton: Advertising Sales - Seasonal Publications: seasonalguides@theirregular.com

Correspondents for our newspaper and seasonal publications include: Karen Pease, L.E. Hughes, Jane Wilkinson, Paula Roy, Lisa Brackley, Dan Cassidy and Valerie Tucker. Roving contributor: Winona Davenport. We would also like to thank the many community members that contribute with photos and news bits to give our paper that all important local community flavor. Thank You All!




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